Okishima Island will be a new venue!
International Art Festival
in Omihachiman and Hikone

BIWAKO BIENNALE will be 21st year in 2022.

BIWAKO BIENNALE is the art festival which is held in Omihachiman city and Hikone city. The venues will be 24 different places in those towns. And the participating artists are coming from all over the world.

市川平”バオバブプランテーション”at BB2020(まちや倶楽部)

Taira Ichikawa Baobab plantation at BB2020(Machiya Club)


The venues are located in Omihachiman city and Hikone city. Omihachiman was developed by Hidetsugu Toyotomi in 16th century then later on this town became famous as a merchant’s town.Even now,it remains the atmosphere of old time.

Hikone prospered as the castle town centerd on Hikone castle, which was build in early 17th century. Now it’s a national treasure in Japan.
Both towns are interesting and rooted in history and tradition. You will also enjoy the town itself by visiting the venue.

Shinmachi St. Photo by yuto HIRAKAKIUCHI

One of the purposes of this project is to rediscover the charm of old and precious buildings by using vacant houses and old houses as venues, and to revitalize the area so that it can be passed on to future generations.
Local residents and volunteers from all over Japan clean Japanese houses that have been abandoned for many years, and artists make use of the presence of the space to create works.

Okishima and Toriimoto will be new venues from 2022. Okishima is the only island in Japan where people live on an island floating in a lake and people love by fishing.
Toriimoto is a post town on the former Nakasen-do Road. Arikawa Pharmacy, one of the venues, has been in business for 350 years. Its splendid appearance reminds us of the prosperity at that time.
With the addition of a new venue, the BIWAKO BIENNALE is even more powerful. You will be able to experience the new beauty of space created by the sensitivity of artists this autumn.

《Event outline》
BIWAKO BIENNALE 2022 “KIGEN〜ORIGIN” in Omihachiman & Hikone

Duration |October 8 Sat ─ November 27 Sun(Holiday undecided)
Location |Omihachiman and Hikone Shiga prefecture Japan
Organization|International Art Festival BIWAKO BIENNALE Comitee
General director|Yoko Nakata

Yonetani Ken+Julia, Thomas Feuerstein, Yuji Nishijima, Shogo Watari, Manami Kyuta, Ryosuke Shiomi etc… 63 Artist planned

*The number of venues and artists may increase or decrease.
*Information is being updated on twitter and instagram as needed!

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